Peanut Nutrition Facts Vitamins and Health Benefits

Peanut nutrition facts tell us that we can take it as a bombshell for having all most every good thing of food element in it. Being very rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plant compounds and many more it enables us to call it like this. It has enormous health benefits. Just bare with me to the end to know it even more better.

Not only peanut taste so good but they are also contains highly rich protein, fiber fat and many kinds of healthy nutrients

Peanut: what is it?

Peanut Nutrition Facts

Although this may be true that it is called peanut but technically you cannot call it a nut. The cause for saying this is it belongs to Legume family. As a result peanut stands along with lentils, soy, beans etc. The origin of peanuts is in South Africa. It has different names also such as goobers, earth nuts or groundnuts.

It can be taken in many forms. Roasted, raw, salted or as peanut butter. Also it is used as ingredients of other food. Ingredients like peanut protein, oil or flour are used in different foods. Many confectionery items, snacks, cakes, desserts, sauces use peanuts in different form.

Look into Peanut Nutrition Facts

Drying out the peanuts by roasting it and then changing it to a paste form is called peanut butter. This butter is also used as usual ones like spreading on toasts or into a sandwich. Peanut Nutrition Facts is high protein healthy food. It also contains a huge range of vitamins and minerals like monounsaturated fatty acid, niacin, carbohydrates, pyridoxine, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, zinc, copper, phosphorous, selenium, calcium, manganese, magnesium, sodium, pantothenic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, Vitamin E and folate.

peanut nutrition facts 100g

Status Amount
Protein 25.8g
Sugar 4.7g
Fat 49.2g
Fiber 8.5g
Saturated 6.28g
Monounsaturated 24.43g
Carbs 16.1g
Water 7%
Calories 567
Polyunsaturated 15.56g
Omega-6 15.56g

To know better peanuts butter nutrition facts


It has low carb contains. Maximum 13-16% carb is in it of its total weight.  As it is low in carb but high in fibers and fat it can get into the bloodstream very fast. For this reason it is much more suitable for diabetic people.


22-30% protein are inside of peanuts. That makes it a good source of protein and calories. It is on the best source of plant-based protein.


High in fat makes it sometime harmful. 44-55% of peanut is mono and polyunsaturated fatty acid. It is actually in the group of oil seed. Most of amount of peanut harvested worldwide is used for  making peanut oil or arachis oil. so it helps you to Lose fat Belly and body.

Minerals and Vitamins Combination in peanuts

A high source of minerals and vitamins is peanut butter. It is one the best peanut nutrition facts.


high in it making it a good one for the pregnant mothers.


known as vitamin B3 takes part in maintaining important body part functions. It reduces the high risk of heart diseases.


deficiency of it puts an advers effect on health and Western diet has less of it. So we can get it form peanut butter.


exist in drinking water which proves its importance for body.


vitamin B1. It is known to be one of the essential element to converting carbs into energy. Thiamine is very important element for muscles, heart and nervous system.


folic acid or vitamin B9. It is also very important for pregnancy. Phosphorous

one type of mineral that plays an important role in growth. Peanut better has it in high volumn. It also maintains body tissue.

7.Vitamin E

a very strong antioxident that is mostly found in fatty foods.

Being a high source of all of these minerals and vitamins makes our peanut butter nutrition facts research a very healthful to us!

The important antioxidants in peanuts


Very powerful antioxidant that reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

2.p-Coumaric acid

The main antioxidant inside peanuts.

3.Phytic acid

It controls the absorption of zinc and iron inside of the body.


Peanut butter facts says that it contains a high amount of phytosterols in it. The most common of it is beta-sitosterol. This element speeds up the cholesterol absorption from digestive track.

Faster weight loss

If you Including peanuts in your diet list it can help you to lose weight if you’re try to reduce your overall calorie intake — or boost your daily caloric consumption. The Centers for Maintain Disease Control and Prevention suggests reducing your intake by 550 to 1,000 calories daily to shed about 1.5 to 2 pounds in a week. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute suggests many adults require 1,250 to 1,650 calories a day to effectively drop your body weight. Research says that it helps in maintain a good weight structure and reduces obesity or over weight.

Studies says that if peanut is given as a substitute of other diets then one can even reduce up to 3 kg not leaving other food.

What makes peanuts nutrition facts weight loss friendly

  1. It takes the place of other fatty food like butter or sugar based jelly and jam.
  2. Takes the other snack foods like toasts or fast fried foods.
  3. It is a high protein food that boosts up the energy level and metabolism.
  4. Peanut butter nutrition facts say that it is a fiber food that reduces weight gaining tendency.

Health benefit of peanut

On peanut butter nutrition facts there has been alot of research and found that it is quit benifial for our health.

  • The peanut is highly rich in mono unsaturated fatty acid like oleic acid. So, it used to reduce the worst cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.
  • Peanut boosts immune system
  • Reducess more risk of heart diseases
  • Peanut helps to lower blood pressure
  • The nutrients like resveratrol, phytic acid and folic acid, and phytosterols present in peanuts have protect against cancer and prevents its effects. peanuts have been proven to reduce colorectal and stomach cancer
  • Maintain the lower cholesterol
  • specially it good for skin
  • Regular Eating peanut is preventing gall stones and age-related cognitive decline Alzheimer’s diseases.
  • Fight against skin disease and protect against the symptoms aging such as wrinkles
  • Peanuts contains many B-complex vitamins that enhances blood flow to brain and brain health.
  • Peanut contains high antioxidant it helps you to reduce death due cardio- vascular and coronary heart diseases and it prevents to sudden heart attack
  • Peanut plants are highly susceptible to the fungal infection that produces aflatoxin which is a dangerous carcinogen causing stomach cancer.

understanding about Peanut Nutrition Facts is very helpful for Human and peanut’s vitamins is good and also compulsory for our health If we want to get nutrition in a natural way.

They are an amazing source of protein from plant-based, and they are high in various vitamins, minerals and plant compounds.

They can be useful as a part of a weight loss diet and may reduce the risk of any kinds of heart diseases and gallstones.

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