How To Take Birth Control Pills Follow Easy instructions

Most of the conscious Woman want to know How to take birth control pills I am telling them. Birth control pills is one of the best way to keep yourself from the possibility of pregnancy. it’s very effective way for you and it’s really work 95% to 98% of the time. Birth control comes to you in many forms. one of the most popular forms is the pill has basically two forms

  1. Combination pills
  2. Progestin Pills (only pills)

So how to take birth control pills you can start the progestin pills at any time as protection will start after 2 days but either pills you should take them consistently

Combination birth control pills

Combination birth control pills also known as contraceptive contains progestin and estrogen. Combination birth control pill is a drug serving to prevent pregnancy and keep your ovaries from releasing an egg.

Different types of combination birth control pills contain different doses of progestin and estrogen. If you want to take combination pills than you following is a basic outline for the better result.

you will need a pack of 28 or 21 pills. The pills number depends on the brand both brands have 21 pills that contains hormone which makes the birth control Active. the last 7 pills in the 28 days pack are reminder pills and that’s are not active.

Direction for taking pills.

  1. From the first day you begin when bleeding during your period
  2. you will take the first Sunday after your period begins. (Mostof the pills are labeled for a start to Sunday)
  3. on the fifth day when you start after your menstrual period

Your Menstrual period

For a monthly pill pack, you may expect to get your period sometime in the last row. Bleeding can last a small time and it may be lighter than before you started pills.

The first few months you may have bleeding at other times as well. This is normal and usually stops by the time you have taken three pill packs. Menstrual Periods may be short and nominal for woman on pills. if you have not missed any schedule of taking pills so you have not any sign and symptoms of Pregnancy. Even then you know Pregnancy is unlikely.

How to take birth control pills when you have missed

  • If you are missed taking a pill by 24 hours or fewer, take that pill as soon as possible you remember. You will have no possibility in pregnancy risk.
  • If you have miss a pill by more than 24 hours or are more late starting a new pill pack, take the late or missed pill as soon as possible, and the remaining pills at the usual time.
  • If ever you are unsure of what to do, use a back-up contraceptive, keep taking your pills.
Number of Pills when pills were missed what to do seven days backup needed
1-2 pills of the pack Beggining Take next pill at usual time Take a pill as soon as you remember. Take next pill at usual time YES
1-2 pills 3-21 Days Take next pill at usual time Take a pill as soon as you remember. Take next pill at usual time NO
3 or more pills First 2 weeks Take next pill at usual time Take a pill as soon as you remember. Take next pill at usual time YES
3 or more pills Third Weeks Do not finish pack. Throw away remaining pills. Start next pack. YES
1-7 reminder pills Fourth weeks Throw away missed pills. Take next reminder pill at usual time NO

Emergency Contraception

Emergency Contraceptive (EC) is a single pill intended to stop pregnancy before it begins the most commonly used emergency contraceptive pill is the progestin-only pill, which contains 1.5 mg of levonorgestrel. The pill is available as either a single dose containing the full 1.5 mg or two doses of 0.75 mg taken 12 to 24 hours apart. The pill must be taken as soon as possible after the unprotected sex occurred although it is labeled for use up to three days after unprotected sex.

Consider of Emergency Contraceptive

  • if you have had vaginal intercourse with no method of contraception.
  • if you have missed one or more consecutive pills at the starting of a pack.
  • if you have missed two or more consecutive pills during the active pill cycle or the beginning day of pack

Emergency Contraceptive must be taken within 120 hours (5 days) of unprotected vaginal intercourse, the sooner the better (preferably within 72 hours).

The most effective method of Emergency Contraceptive is the placement of a copper IUD within 120 hours (5 days) of unprotected sex.

Serious side-effects of taking Birth control pills.

When it comes to the serious question that How to take birth control pills. Then another thing comes in front of it is that side-effects of taking Birth control pills. It is important to be aware of the very rare but potentially serious complications that can appear as the result of pill use. This is the important symptoms don’t ignore it.

  • intense abdominal pain lasting more than 30 minutes.
  • intense Severe chest pain or prevent to takebreath properly.
  • Loss of vision, double or blurred vision.
  • Increase in frequency or severity of headaches, especially if connected with weakness, numbness, or vision disturbances.
  • Tongue problem
  • Skin Problem
  • Weight lose Problem
Breast tenderness EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS
Decreased libido HEART ATTACK
Breakthrough bleeding PULMONARY EMBOLISM
Mood swings STROKE

The Right Time of Stop The pills

There is an involvement between How to take birth control pills and when to stop the pills. Most of the Women occasionally stop their pills because they are annoyed by side effects. However, most side effects disappear if pills are taken consistently for three cycles.

We inspire you to continue the pill for three full cycles because continue process is good for your health and frequent starting and stopping may prolong adjustment to the pill. For better result you need to Contact your health care provider if you are considering stopping the pill because of side effects.  Please Remember: it is possible to become pregnant as soon as you stop the pill.

There are no medical health benefits to taking a rest from the pill (periodically, after a certain number of years, or at a certain age). Consult with your physician before assuming it is necessary to stop the pill


Unless informed by your physicians. You can assume that you are now fully protected

from pregnancy after you have completed your first course of taking pills. Then Your protection will be continuous, including the time of your having your period. If you become ill and you have

several days of severe diarrhea, and your weakness or if you are taking antibiotics, then you use foam and condoms or another backup method for the remainder of that cycle.

So, I have given the information with you. If you are aware of the issues

Then this will be the best answer for you for How to take birth control pills.




Post Author: Dr. Carrie Luxem

Dr. Carrie is an obstetrician-gynecologist in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is affiliated with University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine. She received her medical degree from University of Michigan Medical School and has been in practice between 3-5 years. She is one of 87 doctors at University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine who specialize in Obstetrics & Gynecology.