How to lose belly fat in a week naturally for Better Result

How to lose belly fat in a week is a question that people ask and which people want to know about it. But most of the people grumble about it. People feel this is very hard to do it. If you are feeling the wrong things, then must, it’ll be very hard. Most of the fitness experts say that amid the body parts, the ventral area is very difficult to sculpt. One kind of hormones called Numerous Hormones are revolving your body. When these types of hormones increase day by day, then your body start to accumulate belly fat. Excessive belly fat is very harmful for your body because needless belly fat puts you at high risk for growing up chronic disease. Fat inner side the belly area is also described visceral fat.

This kind of fat is highly risk factor for 3 types of disease like,

So, people with excess belly fat, they are at greater risk. Although losing belly fat can be difficult. There are various things you can do to lose belly fat naturally. If you cannot do it naturally. You are using the wrong method. You don’t need unnecessary sit ups, unnatural supplements and worse surgery.

Let’s go, I will show you some guaranteed way How to lose belly fat in a week.

Consuming a morning meal daily is extremely important

Breakfast is very important and an essential step to be healthy. If you do not have breakfast daily and you will generally have a substantial lunch. This is not good for your health if you want to learn How to lose belly fat in a week naturally. If you do not maintain the issues your health getting worse more slowly.

Eat healthy food for losing belly fat naturally

Healthy and natural foods are good for your health. Natural foods increase your immune system and it is considered to be a diet which helps in reducing your belly fat. Let’s discuss about it,

Eat unprocessed food for lose belly fat in a week naturally 

Do you want to get a fit body and belly? You should try to train hard and build muscular ABS, if you not must junk food of all day, you can’t lose your belly fat naturally. You must avoid processed foods. Eat unprocessed foods.

  • Fish, eggs, meat, poultry, cheese, beef
  • Another source of proteins (MILK). Cow milk, goat milk, soy milk, almond milk
  • Banana, pineapple, apple, orange, berries, watermelon, plums, tart cherries etc.
  • Broccoli, salad, potato, boiled yam, cabbage, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, lettuce etc.
  • Browne rice, sweet potatoes, oats, quinoa, whole grain pasta
  • Olive oil, fish oil, nuts, butter, seeds 

Actually, sometimes you eat junk food because it helps fat loss by maintaining your hormones sharp. Eating junk food 10 % of the maximum times. Let’s clear if you eat 6 meals/day, that’s 4-junk meal/week.

Some powerful exercises to reduce belly fat

Most of the people would like to know exercises to lose belly fat?

Then the thing that comes in front of you that is Exercise. And this is a very remarkable way to reduce belly fat.

Here are some effective exercise tips to lose belly fat naturally, proven by scientific studies.


Crunches are a faster way to burn belly fat naturally. Which grab the best position in fat loss exercise. Now this is the proper time to start performing the exercise.


How to do?

  • Lie down plane on the clean floor with your knees arched and feet on the ground. Alternatively, you may also raise your legs off the ground at a 90-degree angle
  • Raise your hand and put them behind your head.
  • Breathing deeply and as you raise your upper torso off the ground, exhale.
  • Breathing again and as you get back down, and exhale as you raise up.
  • As a beginner, you will do these 10 times.
  • Repeat with another three to four sets

While you’re doing crunches in lieu of entering the full sit-up position, just lift your back some inches from the floor. This assures you don’t hurt your back

Also, don’t hitch your head while doing crunches.

Twist crunch

Once you do the crunches regularly. You can try to add the basic crunch to get an even more effective belly exercise.

How to do?

  • Lie down on the ground and put your hand behind your head.
  • Flex your knees while you are performing crunches, keeping your feet on the ground.
  • You have to raise your upper torso while doing crunches, but in twist crunches you must have to raise your right shoulder towards the left. by safekeeping the left side of your torso on the floor.
  • It’s repeat 10 times.


Bicycle exercises to lose belly fat in a week naturally.

You have a bicycle? No worries, you don’t need a bicycle just thinking how you can do it. We will tell you this process.

How to do?

  • Lie down on the floor and put your hands behind your ear or behind your head like you do in crunches.
  • Raise your two legs off the floor and curve them at the knees
  • Fetching your right knee near to your chest and keeping another leg away.
  • At the same time take your right knee away and fetching your left leg near your chest
  • Now you try to paddling like a bicycle.


Rolling plank exercise for lose belly fat in a week naturally

Rolling plank exercise trains, the muscles round your belly, hip and lower back

Rolling plank

How to do?

  • Set yourself on the ground, both of your knees and resting your elbows on the floor
  • Always keep your neck aline with your thorn.
  • When you are performing then raise your knees up for supporting your legs depends on the toes.
  • This called rolling plank exercise, stay this style for 40 seconds.

Some special cardiovascular training for lose belly fat naturally


Walking play an important role in improving our health. When some lazy people asked how to lose belly fat in a week naturally. By walking, then, you listen walking is one of the best cardio exercises to reduce fat from the belly. Do you deeply think it is too normal, but to be effective? Well, you should know that walking is a very effective way to burn ugly belly fat naturally. It is an auto fat burner for your whole body. If you want to healthy life and maintain healthy diets then it is compulsory for you to walk at least 30 to 40 minutes a day.

When you are walking, your muscles will be more active and the movement of blood circulation will increase. At the same time your body will sweat a lot and your body will lose unnecessary fat. If you walk continues to then gradually reduce most of the fat from the belly.


Generally, all swimming exercise can successfully lose belly fat naturally. Especially swimming is highly aerobic exercise, if done regularly, done routinely, can lose belly fat and burn body fat naturally. While splashing in the river or pool. When you are swimming, every part of your body works. A lot of calories are reduced in your body. This prevents to grow fat in the body. For a better result, you can swim at least 30 minutes a day. Swimming is a type of natural exercise for which the body has no risk.


This is another powerful and effective way to cardio exercise that helps  to lose belly fat by burning calories. While you are cycling your heartbeat goes up naturally. Not only does it grow up your heartbeat up, but it loses an important number of calories. Depending on your height, weight, and size, if you run continuously one-hour cycling has been found to burn 475 to 750 calories. A-hour firstly cycling can burn 591 to 900 calories. You must try to cycling before breakfast. Because it reduces the risk of your health hazard. This exercise will give you an accurate sense of how to lose belly fat in a week naturally. 

Elliptical training

Elliptical training

Elliptical training is a highly effective way to burn calories without very hard work. If you use the proper way of workout, this machine can help you to lose belly fat rapidly.



Rowing is a type of exercise that works on your arm, shoulders, and chest muscles. It does not work directly for burn belly fat.

This exercise will help you to burn calories. That rowing is preventing to accumulate fat in your body.


Running is an effective way to keep your heart rate growing up. It helps to burn many calories.which helps you to Weight loss


If you hate running, you will try to jog instead. Jogging is a powerful

Cardiovascular training for being healthy without belly fat. Without exercise you cannot shed fat specifically from your belly. But jogging can do it naturally.


It is very ridiculous question to people how to lose belly fat in a week naturally by dancing? Well, you know dance can help to burn your fat from the belly. Have fun can blasting tummy fat by dancing. This is the best combination of cardio and strength exercise. When in concert with healthy diet.


Spinning is an identical to stationary bike and it’s one of the best choice full exercise for many people. Spinning can burn 100 of calories per hour. You will try to make it a great exercise for belly fat.


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