How to Get Rid of a Pimple in an hour Naturally

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word PIMPLES?

Having Pimples are perfectly normal, but we can agree to the fact that it is very uncomfortable and nasty. It affects a lot of people especially teenagers because of the process calledPuberty’. We discuss the great solution of how to get rid of a pimple in an hour A lot of people may wonder why teenagers get Pimples more frequently than adults and toddler, it’s because of the hormone that gets active during the time of Puberty called Androgen, these hormones make the pores bigger. In this way, the pores can easily be filled with dirt and oil.

There are a lot of articles that talked about avoiding pimples, pimple treatment for oily skin or even home remedies for pimples. But what can be the real procedure?

We list down 5 simple ways how to get rid of pimple in an hour and another 5 ways to avoid getting them back. Let’s get started.

  1. Lemon / Lime


A lot of people think Lemon is a miracle worker and that it can cure pimples and remove Acne scars fast. It is actually proven true and effective, but then again, you have to remember a lot of things before using Lemon.

Lemon for Pimple Treatment

  • Lemon effectively reduces Oil. It is a perfect pimple treatment for oily skin.
  •  It reduces the possibility of having Scars that are left behind when a pimple heals.
  • Lemon effectively Kills Bacteria. The acidic characteristic of a Lemon will prolong the development of
  • bacteria in your skin.
  • Lastly, it is very cheap. One Lemon can cure a lot of pimples with the help of a cotton ball.

Of course, aside from Pros, using Lemons also have negative effects for specific people. Here are some of it.

  • Lemons can make your skin dry, so it is not applicable for people with dry skin to use lemon as a remedy,
  • it will result to dryer skin.
  • Lemons are sometimes painful to use especially for people with sensitive skin.

Using Lemon as a remedy is very simple and straightforward. You just have to prepare one lemon slice, a cotton ball, and a perfectly washed face. Remember to clean your face thoroughly before doing this treatment. After washing your face, squeeze one side of lemon in a bowl and using a clean cotton ball, apply the juices into your face gently. Wait for 15-20 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Avoid staying the juice on your face for more than an hour because it may cause irritation and allergic reaction.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple sider vinegar

Do you want to know the solution of how to get rid of a pimple in an hour problem by peaking on your kitchen? Apple cider vinegar is also a great way to get rid of pimples Marks permanently. Like lemon, it has an acidic characteristic that helps kill bacteria that causes pimples. Want to know a trivia? Our skin is naturally acidic in some way; this acid helps our skin to fight bacteria that cause skin problems like Pimples,dry skin around eyes. Soaps that are used for Pimple treatment usually destroy the acid mantle of our skin that is why bacteria rapidly spreads and create Pimples. Now how will you use Apple Cider Vinegar as a Pimple Treatment? It is simple. Put a small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar into a container of pure distilled water. Remember to use purified water, it is our body and we do not want toxins and dirt to enter it right? Now that you have you home-made Apple Cider Vinegar Toner, simply use a clean cotton ball to apply it in your clean washed face. Do this Every Night and say Goodbye to your Pimples for good.

  1. Ice


Want to shrink your pimple? Here’s the secret. Ice may be considered as the simplest way to cure and get rid of Pimples in an hour. It may not be a good solution for how to get rid of pimple in an hour Marks for good but it is definitely a safe way to reduce Pimples. How did this happen? Ice can help reduce the redness of a pimple. It also helps cure and soothe the swollen part of a pimple. You can simply do this Pimple treatment method by putting ice cubes in a towel or ice pack, and then put it on top of a pimple. Remove the ice every 30 seconds to avoid over-cooling.

  1. Steam


Steam is great for your skin, even if you don’t have any pimples, but then again, it is very effective when it comes to Pimple Treatment.

How to Get rid of pimples in an hour by simply letting your skin breathe. Steam helps to open pores and release dirt that clogged them. It is a very simple home remedy that can help relax your skin once in a while.


  1. Garlic


Sounds Funny Right? But Garlic can be a great help to get rid of pimples marks in an hour. Garlic serves as a natural antibiotic for your skin. It kills bacteria and germs that live inside your skin. To use this as a home-remedy for Pimple treatment, cut a clove garlic into half and simply rub it on the area of your pimples. Wait for at least 5 minutes then rinse your face with warm water.


Now that you already remove pimples from your face, what’s the next thing you should do? Of

course, you don’t want them to be back right?

That is why we also listed ways to stop Pimples from getting back. Shall we start?

  • Wash your face at least twice a day

Cleaning your face daily is the best way to get rid of pimples marks  permanently. Pimples develop from oil and dirt coming to your skin so the best way to get rid of acne scars them permanently, is to keep your face clean from dirt and oil.

  • Avoid using soap

Just clean water. Soap can make your skin dry and most of the time, it includes a chemical

that can wash-off natural antibiotics and acid from your skin.

  • Using cold water after every shower

Cold water closes your pores so that dirt can’t enter them. Plus, it helps your skin feels smooth, clean, and oil-free throughout the day.

  • Drinking a lot of water

Water will help you detoxify your body, thus, Lose Body weight cleaning all the dirt and toxins that leaves your skin sometimes.

  • No Makeup. No Dirt

If you are a woman, do not forget to clean your face after a day full of make-up. Make-up produces dirt, makes your skin oily, and prevent your skin from breathing. If you want your skin to be healthy, then, let it breathe by removing make-up. A piece of advice is to use water rather than makeup remover to avoid harmful chemicals to enter your skin.

There you have it. The complete list to stop, prevent, and cure Pimples. See? Is it not that complicated to get rid of pimples, right? These treatments are perfect for all skin type except for the lemon that is not suitable for dark skin.

Most of the time, the answer to your skin problem can be found in your kitchen. You just have to know how to use them properly to avoid complications. Another thing, if irritation occurs, stop using any type of home-treatments immediately and contact your doctor. I hope I will send you some right process for how to get rid of a pimple in an hour so, Say Goodbye to Pimples and Say hello to healthy skin

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