Good Foods For Pregnant Women

Sometimes, we complicate our lives. We explain the keys to a healthy diet for you and the baby that is growing inside you. In this article, you will good foods for pregnant women which food you should take and which not.

Eating well is easier than it seems. What if we forget to juggle the diet and make it easy?

What to eat and what not during pregnancy

Beyond definitions, food pyramids, dietary guidelines and nutritional and caloric calculations, a healthy diet is simply one that is based on the consumption of the following elements:

  • Fresh and minimally processed vegetable foods: fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, whole-grain farinaceous (bread, pasta, rice, cereal flakes…).
  • Extra virgin olive oil.
  • Less fish, lean meats, eggs and skimmed dairy.


On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid or dose the consumption of these foods because they contain an excess of certain nutrients or present some risk for pregnant women:

It is unhealthy to take sugary foods (pastries, cookies, soft drinks …), red meats and fats, sausages, fried and salty snacks, and precooked dishes.


has become a very popular food. It is true that they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and proteins, but they also have a high content of iodine, in some cases (each variety of algae is different) that could adversely affect the baby’s thyroid gland. Therefore, they are discouraged among pregnant women. Pregnant women and during lactation need 200 micro grams a day of iodine and it is difficult to know the amount of iodine that we obtain with each product that is on the market. In general, algae can be healthy, but should be taken in very small amounts and occasionally.

The liver

it contains very high amounts of vitamin A, which could be teratogenic and cause serious fetal abnormalities. So, like vitamin A supplements, it is recommended not to take liver during these nine months.

Brazil nuts

it have a high content of selenium, a mineral necessary for our body, but toxic in high quantities. Therefore, it must be consumed with prudence.

Raw or cured meat

is the main risk factor for Toxoplasma infection, a parasite that can cause abortions or injuries to the fetus. It is advisable to avoid sausages and products made with raw meat (including serrano ham), or freeze them before -22 ° C for 10 days.


Post Author: Alex M