Chia Seeds Health Benefits (Weight Loss, Diabetes, Strong Bone.)

Chia is discovered as a great food for its health benefits and lots of nutrients. Like Oats and Quinoa (Quinoa is a grain crops that is annually produced). Chia is a pseudo cereal, not a grass, unlike wheat and rice. It is botanically related to spinach. ) it has lots of health benefits that we need for our daily basis. It contains nutrients that strong our bone and fresh our mind. The chia seems to have become the food of fashion (like quinoa or oats) and is that there are many media that talk about its health benefits and we have even heard from celebrities about its use, something that can undoubtedly arouse our curiosity.

And indeed, chia seeds are one of the healthiest foods, are loaded with nutrients that have important benefits for the body and the brain; so that you can convince yourself to include them as part of your daily diet, here are 10 health benefits that Chia seeds provide and that are supported by studies in humans.

In this article I want to talk about the Chia Seeds Health Benefits, but also the dose of chia seeds that can be taken daily. Keep reading and discover one of the best foods that nature has given us.


In adults, the recommended daily dose of chia seeds is 13 to 15 grams. About 2 tablespoons.

For children (over 6 years old) and young people up to 16 years old,   do not exceed one spoonful per day, about 6 grams maximum per day.

How To Eat Chia Seeds

The chia seeds are easily digested, its nutrients are quickly assimilated by the body. The most common way to eat chia is by mixing the seeds with water, juice or some liquid food, being able to absorb very quickly in less than 10 minutes a large amount of liquid between 9-12 times its volumes.

Indications of Chia Seeds
For which cases the chia seeds are indicated:

Weight loss
Thyroid problems
Acid reflux / gastric problems
Cholesterol control

Gluten intolerance: Chia seed protein does not contain gluten, which makes it suitable for celiacs .
Chia seeds for their Omega 3, magnesium and calcium oils, are of good help in any anti-inflammatory treatment

Large Amount Of Nutrients With Very Few Calories

Chia seeds are small black seeds that come from the plant called Salvia Hispánica, this plant grows naturally in America, there are records that Chia seeds were an important food in the diet of the Aztecs and Mayans, they They valued this seed for its ability to give them energy, in fact the word “Chía” is an ancient Mayan word meaning “force”.

Beyond the ancestral history of these seeds are currently recognized as a superfood, in recent years its popularity has grown and is consumed worldwide by people aware of their health.

Good Amount of Nutrients

At the nutritional level, 28 grams of chia seeds contain: 11 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, 9 grams of fat. In addition 18% of the recommended daily dose of calcium, 30% of the recommended daily dose of Manganese, 30% of the recommended daily dose of Magnesium and 27% of the recommended daily dose of phosphorus. In addition these small seeds contain Zinc, Vitamin B3, Potassium, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2.

This portion of chia contributes only 137 calories, which makes chia seeds one of the best sources of calorie nutrients per calorie, in addition they are whole grains that are regularly grown organically, not GMO and are naturally gluten free.

Chia Seeds Are Loaded With Antioxidants

Antioxidants, is another of the areas in which Chia seeds excel, the antioxidants of chia seeds are intended to protect the fatty acids that the seed possesses and prevent them from becoming rancid, antioxidants are of great importance as they protect to the organism against free radicals.

Chia Seeds Have High Quality Protein

Chia seeds contain a fairly decent amount of protein, 14% of their weight is made up of high quality protein, and it also contains a good amount of essential amino acids so the body will be able to use the protein it contains.

Protein has many health benefits, it is by far the most friendly nutrient in the process of following a weight loss regimen. A high protein intake reduces appetite and has been shown to reduce obsessive thoughts about food by 60% and nighttime cravings by 50%. If people consume little or no animal protein, chia seeds are an excellent source of protein.

Carbohydrates In Chia Seeds Are Fiber

If you review the list of nutrients of chia seeds you can see that 28 grams, 12 grams correspond to carbohydrates, but 11 of those grams are fiber which is not digested by the body, does not raise the level of sugar and does not require of insulin to be eliminated from the body so it does not count as a carbohydrate.

The true carbohydrate content is only 1 gram, which makes chia a low-carbohydrate friendly food. Thanks to all the fiber that the chia seeds have, they can increase from 10 to 12 times their weight in water, when they reach the stomach they become something similar to gelatin. Theoretically it is considered that this can help satiety, helping to consume fewer calories.

The fiber also feeds the friendly bacteria that live in the intestine, this is very important for health. Chia seeds are 40% fiber, which is why they are one of the best sources of fiber in the world.

Due To The High Fiber And Protein Content, Chia Seeds May Be Able To Help In Weight Loss

Many health specialists trust that chia seeds can help with weight loss, fiber absorbs large amounts of water and expands in the stomach, which should increase the feeling of fullness and decrease the assimilation of food. Studies have been done with a similar fiber glucomannan, demonstrating that it can lead to weight loss, so the proteins in the chia seeds could help reduce appetite and food intake.

But when studying the effects of chia on weight loss the results are not entirely encouraging, in a study of 90 overweight people, people added to their diet 50 grams of chia seeds per day for 12 weeks, this does not had an effect on body weight and health indicators. In another 10-week study with 63 women, chia seeds had no effect on weight loss but increased the percentage of Omega 3 in the blood.

Although adding only chia seeds to the diet seems not to affect weight, they can be a useful addition, since losing weight is much more than adding or eliminating food, the whole diet counts as much as other lifestyle activities how to sleep or exercise. If chia seeds are combined with a diet based on nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle, they will certainly be of great help in weight loss.

Chia Seeds Has The Ability To Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease And Type 2 Diabetes

Since Chia seeds are high in fiber, protein and omega 3, they should be able to improve metabolic health. This has been proven in many studies but no conclusive results have been obtained, some experiments have shown that chia seeds can reduce triglycerides, raise good HDL cholesterol, and reduce inflammation, insulin resistance and abdominal fat.

Chia Seeds Can Cause Significant Improvements In Type 2 Diabetes

The most successful application of chia seeds has been developed in patients with type 2 diabetes, in a study conducted with 20 diabetic patients, who received 37 grams of wheat bran or 37 grams of chia seeds for 12 weeks. When they analyzed the patients who consumed chia seeds they saw important changes in health indicators, blood pressure and other risk factors decreased.

They Have High Levels Of Beneficial Nutrients For The Bones

Chia seeds have high levels of important nutrients in bone health, this includes calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and proteins. The percentage of calcium is impressive, 18% of the recommended daily dose is in an ounce, and this is much higher than most dairy products. Chia seeds can be considered an excellent source of calcium for people who do not consume dairy products.

Easy To Diet

Chia seeds are very easy to add to the diet, can be added to almost everything, do not need to be ground, can be eaten raw, added to juices, soups, puddings and even in baked goods.

They can be added on cereal or yogurt, in a salad or in preparations with rice, can be mixed with water and become gelatin, regularly are well tolerated unless the person has problems with fiber consumption. The recommended daily dose is 20 grams, about 1 and a half tablespoons twice a day.

Chia Seeds Can Replace The Consumption Of Eggs In Some Preparations

This thanks to the characteristic of the seeds that when mixed with water forms a gel. This can be used to replace the eggs in order to obtain preparations with better cholesterol content and increase the nutrients in the baked foods. To replace the egg, simply mix a tablespoon of chia seeds with 3 tablespoons of water and let stand for 15 minutes.

Final Verdict

In summary, recent research has found that the benefits of chia seeds are insurmountable by any other food, without a doubt these seeds are fully earned the title of “super food”. The contributions of Chia seed to the health of the organism include the reduction of the signs of aging, the promotion of a healthy skin, the support to the heart and the digestive system, the construction of stronger bones and muscles. It has even been linked to the treatment and control of diabetes.

However, if you decide to incorporate it into your diet, it is best to do so gradually. Chia is high in fiber, so start with a small amount and make sure you drink plenty of water, start slowly and give your body time to adjust to the increase in fiber intake.

Post Author: Dr. Carrie Luxem

Dr. Carrie is an obstetrician-gynecologist in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is affiliated with University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine. She received her medical degree from University of Michigan Medical School and has been in practice between 3-5 years. She is one of 87 doctors at University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine who specialize in Obstetrics & Gynecology.

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