How To Take Skin Care In Pregnancy

Skin care in pregnancy (including perineum) continuity is more important than spending a lot of money on products. We think that the skin is only an inert layer that covers us. But the reality is that it is an organ – the most extensive! -, an element with a life of its own that nourishes, […]

Pregnant Woman Thinks About The Moment Of Delivery

Take advantage of the months of pregnancy to inform you and decide. The Clinical Practice Guideline on Normal Birth Care from the Ministry of Health answers your main questions. When a pregnant woman thinks about the moment of delivery, it is very normal to have all kinds of fears and doubts. The Clinical Practice Guideline on Normal Birth […]

Insomnia During Pregnancy | Risks For The Health Of The Pregnant Women

This lack of hours of sleep and a restful rest can entail a series of health risks. “In the general population, insomnia is associated with substantial deficiencies in the quality of life, with respiratory, digestive, metabolic, neurodegenerative and psychiatric pathologies, and even with an increase in mortality,” recalls Román Gálvez. Insomnia can cause hypertension or risk of premature […]