Birth Control Patch Effectiveness You Should Know

When it comes to the topic of birth control, you have to say about birth control patch effectiveness and it have undeniable advantages for their reliability, but also for the positive effects on women’s health. But there is one big disadvantage, it requires discipline from the users and it is often a problem. New and […]

Structure of the Uterine Tube (Fallopian tube )

From outside inward, the uterine tube consists of three coats: serous, muscular and mucous. 1. The serous coat is derived from the peritoneum. 2. The muscular coat is made up of smooth muscle,which is arranged into inner circular and outer lon-gitudinal layers. 3. The mucous coat consists of lining epithelium and underlying lamina propria. The […]

IUD weight Gain | You Should Need To Know.

What is IUD? Before learning about IUD weight gain, we will know what is IUD? Intrauterine device is the full meaning of (IUD). If we tell the details it is a long-term contraception method for female. This small t-shaped device is placed in womb. It is one of the best and effective way to prevent […]

Best Birth control methods to Prevent Pregnancy

Birth control methods are the ways to use some medicine or devices. Most of the conscious Women may choose from many different types of birth control and try to use the best birth control options. Some methods work better than others at preventing unexpected pregnancy. When you use the types of birth control you remember […]