Birth Control Patch Effectiveness You Should Know

When it comes to the topic of birth control, you have to say about birth control patch effectiveness. It has undeniable advantages for their reliability, but also for the positive effects on women’s health. But there is one big disadvantage, it requires discipline from the users and it is often a problem. New and new methods that simplify the use of hormonal contraceptives are coming to the market and contraceptive plaster is one of them.

Main Theme of Birth Control Patch

The contraceptive patch works on the same principle as a combined hormonal contraceptive, but only uses it differently. Hormones do not enter the body through the stomach, but through the skin. Once a week, a woman puts a skin color patch on her skin and releases hormones that, among other things, affect the uterine mucosa, block ovulation, and thicken the uterine mucus.

Reliability Birth Patch

It is a very reliable method of contraception. Its reliability is higher than hormonal contraceptive pills because it is replaced only once a week. In addition, the patch lasts for 48 hours after the patch is removed, but this is not a reason for not replacing the weekly interval.

For whom it is appropriate

It is a suitable method for women aged 18 to 45 who are not contraindicated to the use of hormonal contraceptives. It is suitable for women who want to have reliable contraception but are forgetful.

For whom Birth Control Patch is inappropriate

Again, as with all hormonal contraceptive methods, it does not protect against STDs. So condom should use in case of contact with a risk partner. It is not suitable for women who are not allowed to use hormonal contraceptives. For example who has high pressure, circulatory problems and are strong smokers. This method is problematic for women over 90 kg because they do not have sufficient absorption of the active ingredients.

Health risks of Contraceptive Patch

The risks are the same as with other hormonal contraceptive methods. Thus, the risk of venous thrombosis increases, but not significantly. Side effects such as spotting, headache, depression, decreased libido, rash, acne, abdominal pain, etc. may occur.

Birth Control Patch Effectiveness is one of the variants of combined contraception. Its reliability is higher than that of contraceptive pills and is well tolerated in women.

How to use

The principle of Birth Control Patch is to prevent ovulation – egg maturation. This is achieved by a combination of two hormones – the gestagen and estrogen. If these hormones are absorbed through the digestive tract in oral contraceptives (swallowing pills), the contraceptive patches do so through the skin. This eliminates any digestive problems that can cause some women’s disability to relieve some diarrhea, vomiting, or some types of medication, such as antibiotics. Within 24 hours, 20 micrograms of ethinylestradiol and 150 micrograms of norelgestromin are released from the patch into the bloodstream to prevent conception. The use of contraceptive patches is easy.

Birth Control Effectiveness

A woman takes a single patch out of the pack for one week (for example, every Sunday evening) for one week, sticking it on her bare skin (in exchange for the previous one). After three weeks, the patch is removed and a weekly pause is taken, after which the next patches are cyclically resumed (for example for a further three weeks on Sunday evening). During a weekly pause, when the patch does not stick, the woman will experience bleeding. The contraceptive effect of the patch, due to the level of hormones in the blood, persists for two days after its removal.

Where to stick

The patch is quite inconspicuous, has a body color, dimensions 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm and can be applied to the buttocks, abdomen, outer arm and upper torso. So it is always possible to find a place where it will not interfere with the woman. The patch should not stick close to the breasts because of the hormone content. The advantage of the patch is its high adhesion. So it is safe to go with it from the shower, the pool, the sauna or the hot tub. It is also possible to play with her without worry – sweat and high temperatures will not cause her to peel off.

Health benefits of Birth Control Patch

Every woman responds differently to hormonal contraceptives, and so one method can be most suited to it, while the other can cause considerable complications. Therefore, consult your doctor about its use.

  • The application requires minimal collaboration – just change weekly
  • It is a contraceptive method that is very gentle on the digestive tract
  • It is not subject to complications resulting from indigestion and absorption (eg intestinal virosis or antibiotic use will not reduce the reliability of the method)
  • The method reduces the risk of irregular bleeding
  • The incidence of side effects – such as headache, bleeding between cycles is the same as for personal contraceptives
  • Thanks to low doses of hormones it does not influence the weight gain of the user
  • It is suitable for all women under 45 years of age


  • Contraception is not suitable for women weighing more than 90 kilograms. There is a problem with sufficient absorption of active substances in these women, so the method may not be reliable.
  • Not suitable for women with cardiovascular problems and for strong smokers.

Doctor’s proclamation

Some problems may show with birth control patch effectiveness Irregular bleeding, spotting, breast and abdominal pain may occur during the first three months of use, if your spontaneous disappearance, contact your doctor.

Post Author: Dr. Carrie Luxem

Dr. Carrie is an obstetrician-gynecologist in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is affiliated with University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine. She received her medical degree from University of Michigan Medical School and has been in practice between 3-5 years. She is one of 87 doctors at University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine who specialize in Obstetrics & Gynecology.