Acne Scars Treatment: Some Effective Way Recommended by Dermatologist

Clean, Smooth skin is lovable for all. Pure smooth skin has always been an indicator of human health and beauty. The smallest defect, whether it be a bud or acne, can cause discomfort in each of us. But what to do to those who have these inflammations often and are extensive? In this case, it is necessary to determine the cause of the rash around eyes and acne scars. it make the necessary to acne scars treatment. There is plenty of acne on the face and body, and each one requires a special approach and therapy.

Causes of Acne Scars

Acne scars treatment
Causes Of Acne Scars

Acne or acne on the skin is the result of a violation of the normal functioning of the body.

There are many factors that cause such an imbalance:

  • Hormonal system failure. Such a violation will be caused by changes in the body’s adolescents, pregnancy, and the use of hormonal drugs.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Digestive disorders caused by various diseases often manifest themselves on the skin.
  • Unbalanced diet. Excessive use of certain foods and foods can cause rash.
  • Non-compliance with skin hygiene. Dirt and sweat clogged pores that lead to the appearance of blackheads.
  • Use of poor quality cosmetics. Such drugs often cause inflammation.
  • External factors. Rash may cause long-term exposure to the sun, cold or wind.
  • Infectious diseases. Such diseases often cause itchy rash.
  • Stress and emotional stress. These factors affect the hormonal background, leading to rashes.

Our body is the perfect living mechanism in which all processes are directly or indirectly related. Therefore, any malfunction of any system can lead to acne scars. And to get rid of it, you need to first identify the cause and only then choose the current Acne Scars treatment.

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What is Acne Scars?

All these face and body defects are divided into two types according to their characteristics: inflamed and non-flammable. Their classification depends on appearance and treatment.

Types of inflamed acne

Papules acne

Such acne is red and does not contain pus. They look small, protruding over the skin, bumps. If you press the papule, it begins to fade and its color returns after a while. Usually these pimples go through without traces. But sometimes there is a dark spot that disappears after a short time.

Pustular acne:

Such acne contains a pus cavity. The head of inflammation is white and located in the center of inflammation. The pellet may develop by itself or may be formed from muzzle. Such pimples are not recommended to be compressed because there is a risk of infection and even blood infection in this case. This kind of inflammation can be a dark spot and a small scar.

Nodular acne:

This type of severe acne is hard and affect the deep layers of skin. Such acne is quite painful. The color of inflammation varies from dark red to bluish. They can reach a diameter of 3 cm. A large amount of such acne is called furuncle and only a surgeon can help cure such inflammation. Scars and scars remain on the skin after the nodes. Cysts. Similar rashes are several nodes placed side by side. It can be connected under the skin by special channels – fistulae. Treatment of such acne is relatively long and complicated. They leave noticeable scars and scars behind.

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Not caused by rashes

Such acne varieties are usually called comedones. They do not create much discomfort and are not conspicuous, but can develop into papules and pustules. Therefore, it is necessary to treat comedones in any case. There are similar rashes due to blockage of the sebaceous gland.

Types of acne on skin:

Open Type Acne

Such pimples are nice to call blackheads or blackheads. The blocked area is located near the skin surfaceUsually, comedones do not reach large sizes and have a diameter of up to 2 mm. This type of acne is treated with special cosmetics.

Closed Type Acne

Similar pimples with white content will appear when the internal outlet of the sebaceous pipe is blocked. They look like small white bumps without signs of inflammation. The danger of such acne is that the content cannot come out, but at the same time there is a risk of infection from within. Often this happens when inflamed papules or pustules appear nearby. Also, the infection can get through the internal canals due to extrusion of pimples or acne.

Classification of rash according to severity

The choice of acne scars treatments depends largely on the stage of inflammation. Overall, there are 4 levels of acne severity:


 The simplest stage of the disease, characterized by a minimal amount of rash, most of which are gum. Treatment of this phase is relatively simple and does not require the intervention of a dermatologist. Usually simple hygiene measures as well as the use of cosmetics help.


This degree of disease is characterized by a mild rash with rash groups including up to 10 elements. They contain papules, pustules and gums. Lunges are formed not only on the face but also on the shoulders and upper back. If you want to cure such a stage of illness at home, you can, but if the amount of acne scars does not fall within 2 weeks, you should consult a dermatologist.


 Severe grade of disease in which rash consists of different types of acne, including nodes. It is characterized by inflammation that includes up to 40 elements. The main areas of the disease manifestations are the face, chest, back, but with the development of the disease can spread to other parts of the body. Scars and scars remain after inflammation. The probability of the appearance of pigment spots is large. You cannot cure this stage of the disease at home, so you should consult a dermatologist.


The most difficult stage of the disease. Most inflammation consists of pustules and cysts. The disease completely covers the upper body and the individual elements may appear on the buttocks, groin and legs. In this case, acne brings not only emotional but physical discomfort because they are extremely painful. And it can even endanger a patient’s life. Treatment of this phase is performed only under the supervision of an expert. But in this case, the recovery process will be long.

Age classification of Acne

In medicine, it is customary to distinguish rashes according to the age of the patient from whom he appeared:

Baby Rashes: 

Small closed pimples, located on the cheeks, nose, and chin, may occur in the baby due to the effects of maternal hormones. Such rashes do not cause problems for the child and last for 2-3 weeks. If the rash occurs with an older child, it should be shown to the pediatrician.

Teen pimples: 

During the puberty period, the child’s body undergoes hormonal changes that affect skin condition. Sebaceous glands increase secretion secretion, while it is difficult to remove dead necrotic particles from the surface of the cover. This leads to blockage of the pipe and the occurrence of acne scars. The rash most often appears on the face, but it can also appear on the body. If the inflammation corresponds to two stages of the disease, medical assistance is required.

During the puberty period, the child’s body undergoes hormonal changes that affect skin condition. Sebaceous glands increase secretion secretion, while it is difficult to remove dead necrotic particles from the surface of the cover. This leads to blockage of the pipe and the occurrence of acne scars. The rash most often appears on the face, but it can also appear on the body. If the inflammation corresponds to two stages of the disease, you need medical assistance.

Adult Acne
adult acne treatment

Such acne scars is the result of a disease or serious disorder in the body. Exceptions are periodic rashes in women during menstruation.

Acne Scars Treatment

Acne Scars Treatment

Treatment of acne scars, especially mild to severe, is a relatively long and difficult process. At the same time, this problem can only be disposed of by an integrated approach that includes treatment methods:

  • Use of special cosmetics. Such medicines help prevent new rashes.
  • Cannon removal. Most commonly, drugs based on adapalene and azelaic acid are prescribed for these purposes.
  • Normalization of sebaceous glands. In difficult stages of the disease, hormonal medications and retinoids are prescribed, which reduce the secretion of subcutaneous fat.
  • Food normalization.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs. Such drugs help stop the spread of infection.
  • Peeling. Similar procedures are performed both in salons and at home. Designed to remove keratinized particles from the skin surface, preventing pores from clogging.
  • Cure Reasons. If the rash is the result of any illness, then the treatment is primarily done.

All of the above methods of acne scars treatment will help to get rid of acne, but it is necessary to consult a doctor before using this. Extreme negative consequences can occur after self-treatment.

Post Author: Dr. Carrie Luxem

Dr. Carrie is an obstetrician-gynecologist in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is affiliated with University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine. She received her medical degree from University of Michigan Medical School and has been in practice between 3-5 years. She is one of 87 doctors at University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine who specialize in Obstetrics & Gynecology.